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Food & Beverages

ATA is one of the pioneer process engineering companiese in food and beverage sector. Our food and beverage team specialised in novel processing solutions for prodcution of functional food and beverages; “Healthy Foods and Functional Food Ingredients” is our main focus and we can offer innovative solutions for engineering, operations, product development, and quality control. We are working closely with most famous worldwide research inistitutes and machinery companies to develop full Turnkey food and beverage processing plants. Our other services are:
•    Production & Supply Chain Management
•    Process Optimization & Scale-up
•    Food Safety
•    Sanitation and GMP Training
•    Waste management and processing to added value products
•    HACCP Program Development.
•    Food Supplements
•    Food Ingredients (Starter Culture, Enzymes, Colorants, Emulsifiers…)
•    Bakery
•    Beverage

Turnkey projects are important projects which require significant know-how and experience. With its expert staff and experience, ATA has successfully completed many turnkey projects and became an important supplier in the global sector.
ATA’s strongest ability is the capability to engineer and operate bottling plants on a turn-key basis from greenfield. Thanks to its expert and well experienced staff and contacts with well-known international companies, ATA successfully constructs any bottling plants ranging from 2.000 bottles/hour up to 50.000 bottles/hour. To present the optimum solution and the highest efficiency with “total engineering concept”, ATA;

• Determines the optimum location and size of building to be constructed on the available field to match today’s and future’s needs.
• Provision of support data for the selection of the site for the civil design of the bottling plant.
• Prepares the optimum lay-out drawing best suiting the prerequisites of the client, specifications of the equipment and local operating conditions.
• Determines the size and specifications of the auxiliary units (refrigeration systems, syrup preparation system, raw and treated water, boilers, compressed air etc.) in order for the bottling plant to operate in synchronization with other subdivisions and places them to proper locations.
• Depending on the scope of the undertaken project, installs turn-key plants or supports the investor to install it with the optimum layout and maximum productivity not only by supplying the filling lines but also the auxiliary units such as bottle production units, syrup preparation units,  water treatment systems, CO2 production plants or storage tanks from   the reliable partner companies.

If you are going to establish a water bottling plant should be aware that in case of your interest to establish a 6000 bph (A) plant and/or 14000 bph (B) and/or 36000 bph (C), what would be your estimate costs.

     • Water Reception and Treatment Unit: (A: 700k USD) (B: 1200k USD) (C: 1800k USD)
  • Blowing the Preforms (A: 450k USD) (B: 1050k USD) (C: 3500k USD)
  • Filling and Capping (A: 480k USD) (B:   950k USD) (C: 1380k USD)
  • Labelling Machines (A: 180k USD) (B:   320k USD) (C:   800k USD)
  • Conveying Systems (A: 140k USD) (B:   290k USD) (C:   680k USD)
  • Carton Packing and Un-Casing (A: 240k USD) (B:   340k USD) (C:   660k USD)
  • Palletizing and De-Palletizing (A: 220k USD) (B:   440k USD) (C:   800k USD)
  • Complementary Utilities Supply (A: 700k USD) (B: 1300k USD) (C: 2400k USD)
  Total (3.11 Million USD) (5.89 Million USD) (12.02 Million USD)

You can consider 7% more for General Services and select your desired capacity to invest! 

•    Dressings & Sauces
•    Dairy
•    Fruits & Vegetables
•    Confectionery
•    Meat & Poultry
•    Starch and Sweeteners
Featured Engineering Services
•    Process Systems  
•    Packaging Systems   
•    Utility Systems  
•    Product and Ingredient Handling