Being a member of TORONTO BOARD OF TRADE , Ontario Chamber of Commerce and as an ISO Certified Company , ATA FOOD & BIOTECH TECHNOLOGIES INC. is one of the dynamic and fast growing Canadian process engineering companies specialized in Food, Feed, and Biotech industries.
With rising of global warning about food, energy, and environmental issues, our company created by experienced and professional engineers and started its mission to develop innovative, sustainable, green, and environmental friendly technologies to work through these crises instantaneously. Our engineers specialized in development of cleaner, smaller and smarter processes for production of innovative Food, Feed, Pharmaceutical, and chemical ingredients with superior quality and functionality. We have integrated our process solutions with sophisticated material and energy waste-to-value strategies to develop Hi-Tech & Zero-Waste industries with minimal CO2 emission to our living atmosphere. We have established our own Carbon-Recycle Technology and novel Biorefinery Concept for production of Bioenergy, Biofuels, and Green Chemicals which offer a sustainable platform for the Future of Farming and saving our Green Plant, want to learn more… Contact us.

Integrated Processing and Bio-Refinery Solutions for “Healthy Future in the Green Planet”
•    High Quality Functional Products and Ingredients
•    Zero Waste Industries
•    Lower CO2 Emission
•    Carbon & Energy Recycling
•    Waste to Value