An ISO9001 Certified Company, ATA FOOD & BIOTECH TECHNOLOGIES INC. is one of the most dynamic Canadian process engineering companies specialized in FOOD, FEED, and PHARMACEUTICAL industries using the most advance techniques available.

Our engineering consultants help companies around the world reach their business goals through innovative design solutions for advanced technology applications. Clients come to us when they need technically complex facility expansions or renovations, or when they are interested in improving the reliability or efficiency of existing operations. Our professional experience and technical strengths include project planning, laboratory & manufacturing facility design, process engineering, process systems design, and MEP engineering for process utilities, HVAC & Cleanrooms, and waste management systems.

With ATA as a supplier, you get a dedicated partner who focuses on total solutions with quality as the number one priority in all phases. Our goal is to ensure that each step of the process is completed without defects in preparation for the next step of processing. In case of processing defects, intelligent production control systems enable upstream information for corrections or adjustments.  Our entire organization is dedicated to providing solutions that enable modern processing plants to maximize quality in the finished products while optimizing yield.

With the rise of global warming, food, energy, and environmental issues, our company’s mission is to develop innovative, sustainable, green, and environmental friendly technologies to work through these crises.. Our engineers specialize in development of cleaner, smaller and smarter processes for production of innovative Food, Feed, Pharmaceutical, and Chemical products/ingredients with superior quality and functionality. We have integrated our process solutions with sophisticated material and energy waste-to-value strategies to develop Hi-Tech & Zero-Waste industries with minimal CO2 emission to our living atmosphere.

Integrated Processing and Bio-Refinery Solutions for “Healthy Future and a Green Planet”

  • High Quality Functional Products and Ingredients
  • Zero Waste Processes and Industries
  • Lower CO2 Emission and Carbon Capture
  • Carbon & Energy Recycling
  • Waste to Value