At ATA we believe that the best is never enough. We rely on continuous Lean Six Sigma processes to ensure our improvements are geared towards quality metrics are measured quantifiably.


We aspire to be the most preferred organization for all stakeholders in the field of food and biotechnology through environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions making the world a better place to live.


  • Develop and deliver cost-effective, safe, clean and reliable solutions that will maximize prosperity of our customers
  • Invest and partner in development and realization of new and technologies
  • Be a socially responsible corporate citizen
  • Create wealth for our stakeholders with the highest return in the business


  • Conduct our business fairly and in compliance with the regulatory framework
  • Be transparent and open in our transactions without compromising on confidentiality
  • Build trust and longevity in all our relationships, suppliers and customers, with the highest integrity standards


  • Demonstrate ‘entrepreneurial’ qualities in the services and solutions.
  • Recognize entrepreneurship as an important factor in our growth through individuality and passion for the business.


  • Invest in new technologies
  • Partner in development and realization of new ideas
  • Work with innovators and advanced technology firms We will invest and partner in development and realization of new ideas recognizing the risks and working to mitigate them

Customer Focus

  • Be Pro-Active, responsive and dependable partner for our customers. We will always deliver on our promises and build excellence in all our offerings.
  • Attract the best talent and develop every employee through training, constantly motivating and challenging them to raise the bar.
  • Be recognized as a socially responsible corporation in our business conduct and with social initiatives that improve the quality of life and society. We will work towards creating a safe, clean and healthy environment. We will provide for resources in order to promote the cause.
  • Be caring, compassionate and uphold individual dignity and respect.


  • Obey all safety laws, regulations, and internal guidelines
  • Apply a zero tolerance policy towards unsafe situations, practices, and processes
  • Protect all workers and employees by striving to accident-free workplace