Meat analogs are non meat food products that look and taste like meat. Meat analogs provide a source of vegetable protein, vitamins, and minerals without the high saturated fat and cholesterol of animal products. Meat analogs typically contain a combination of proteins, such as soy, wheat and/or egg, in conjunction with starches, vegetable oils, flavors and colors. There are many types of meat free products that can be produced using different types of technologies and adaptations based on the local market taste, texture and other ethnic characteristics. Our R&D Team will be able to assist you in formulating the proper meat analog products based on your local market profile.

To be able to establish a meat analogue plant with the capacity of 1 to 2 MTPH, you need to invest 1.4 Million USD for the 1st class US, JAPANESE and GERMAN equipment, 300k USD for the technology, know-how and training services and in case of interest of using the under license technology, you need to pay 1 USD per kg of product also.